Like a scarlet leaf caught on the east wind
I loitered aimlessly, wherever the life took me
Before I could touch the ground, you came
Came in like a hurricane and blew me away
Away with you, to the skies,
Skies, where I thought I didn’t belong

My illusion faded to reality
As I stood holding your hands
I got lost in your eyes,
drowned in your gaze
Just to find myself.

On this special day, I confess
I confess that I am yours, every bit of me
And I promise, you will be mine
As long as you want

Hold my hands and walk with me
Towards eternity,
Let the void swallow us
Let us drown to the place we want to be
Let us drown in tomorrow

Sonnet in the winds

Entrenched I was in my plodding reality,
She swooped in like a sonnet in the winds
Lifting me to her distant dreamy world

[Alternates] The road not taken

I shall be telling this with a smile
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I –
I took the road less taken,
Or I took the one most taken
It makes no difference whatsoever
In the grand scale of things,
Not the road, but YOU matter.

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Starlit nights and moon beneath skies

The mild breeze and ever stretching seas

The bright sunny day when little birds play

The icebergs that look like foam

I’m greateful for the Earth we call home.


It’s my thoughts, my emotions

My life, diligently painted

Dot by dot

I put the brush away, and stared

As everything fell into a single line

My past, present and future

I carefully hung it in the wall

And I stepped in

Into my magical world. Adieu!

Shatranj – IV

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Jake! What happened? Why the gun?  I slowly turned raising my hands.

Why did you do that? He loved you like your own daughter!

What are you talking about Jake? Please relax and put the gun down.

You know perfectly well what I’m talking about. Why did you do it?

I had to Jake, for all of us. For the country. He was putting us in danger. I had to do it. It shattered me, but I had to.

No! You didn’t feel a thing. You are the danger. He told me everything. He told you will try to fight against it. But he never expected you to be a traitor. He shouted.

Put the gun down Jake, let’s have a talk. A civilized conversation. I said as I slowly moved towards the window.

Civilized? I understood your civilized behavior when I saw you drive a knife through his skull. Kay was our lead, he was like a father. How can you kill him?

I had to. It was tough, but I had to. Let’s not jump into conclusions. Hear me out. I slowly felt the breeze. I wondered where Sam was.

I came here for revenge. I came here for kay. Not to listen to your cooked up crap. He said clutching the gun tighter.

There is no other way out. I didn’t want to lose more people but I have to. I twisted my hand towards the shelf and picked the gun, swirled it towards Jake and clicked.

I saw his eyes freeze and he slowly slid towards the floor.

Sorry Jake! The country comes first, then friends. I shall pray for your family.

Jake? Yelled Sam. What happened to him? He screamed.

I have some damage control to do.

to be continued…

Shatranj – III

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Slowly slipping the gun in the holster I asked.

Are you sure about this?

Yes absolutely, the device is in here. This was one of Kay’s hideout.

At any cost, I told myself. We exited the van as I zipped the vest, and slowly walked towards the seemingly innocent building. As we opened the huge black gate which was guarding the house, Sam gave me the signal to get in.

You have an eye outside, I’ll go in.

Sure. And hey, be careful. He gave a peck in my cheek. I wished for more, but not now. After all this maybe.


I opened the creaky wooden door and entered into the living room. The house was dingy and dark, to the left was a table with maps scattered around. As I leaned in I saw Britain. And slowly my thoughts wavered to Buckingham. This is bigger than I thought, why would they go all the way to Britain. I shook myself off, first the device then the plan. The table had nothing of value until I get the device in hand, so I slipped into the room to the left of the entrance. The room was surprisingly empty except for an old bed with tattered sheets. Something was off here. I took support of the cot and kneeled to look under the cot.

Don’t move! Boomed a familiar voice, and I felt the chill of gunpoint on my neck.


to be continued…

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Conscious dream (The banyan tree – II)

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The sky painted blue

Yellow lantern rising

Its rays waking wings

Sparkling dew on green carpet

He skipped a puddle

Towards the big floating branches

I could watch him all day

His soft hair, his stubble


He sat near me silently

His eyes reflecting my face

A small curve on his lips

With his back touching the

Banyan tree, he took my hand

Within his hands

No words exchanged


I turned my face away from his

As he slowly leaned onto me

Its not really a good bye, he said

My eyes went watery

The war isn’t easy,

And all the life it has claimed

Sacred isn’t a word enough

This banyan tree has been our sanctum

With myriad memories flashing

I choked


He said nothing

Kept mum, shifting slowly

‘Oh Mike!’ I gasped,

as he slowly slipped

A ring onto my finger


to be continued…