Dalhousie Trip Day 1


Shivering and chattering I got out of the train,
I looked at the clouds shocked, Should I expect some rain?
To Dalhousie I went, with excitement and fear,
It will all be fine, told the conductor as the driver changed the gear.
I reached the base camp, gasping and panting,
I looked at the snow filled peaks, Oh! the view was enchanting.
I dropped my bags, and buckled my shoe,
I started to ramble, as the place was new.
I had a long chat with few members of my group,
then the camp leader shouted “Come down for evening soup”.
-2 the temperature was, when I slipped into my sleeping bag..
Twisting and turning.. Oh! The night was a complete drag!

P.S. : Thanks Bhakti Heda for proof reading and your valuable comments.

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