The Horizon


The east wind lifted her hair mildly,
she turned towards me,
As she flicked it back into its place.
She gave a cute smile,
The one responsible of all this.

We walked holding our hands.
Nothing mattered except the present,
Not a single memory of the past,
Not a single thought about the future.
She had me and I had her.

As the steps progressed,
The outside world started to blur,
She looked me in the eye,
And kissed me softly.
We walked towards the horizon,
As we started a new story,
The story of love, The story of us.

15 thoughts on “The Horizon

  1. One more question.. Where did they reach finally?? After all they were walking towards the horizon…. Any thoughts on “reaching” the horizon friends..? Vinoth correctly pointed out that the fabric of time is not linear for something as true as love .. Then what could it be for something as unreal as the horizon ?? Or is it real ? Is it just the trabsient perspective of the walker?


    • Venturing a guess here. I don’t think they have a destination in mind. The path they take is like an embodiment of infinity. The horizon probably represents the approaching infinity part. They’ll never be able to reach it which is great since they’ll forever be in love.


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