Shatranj – I

As the blurry vision cleared, the bright circles focused to a distant light source. The throbbing head took some time to realize the events which led to this. The rope crushed the wrists, turning it red. I have few hours before the sun wakes up the building, I slowly shifted my hip to make my knees reach the floor. The spine had to bend in half to cut the rope through the metal edge of the legs of the chair. The pain seemed insignificant compared to the wounds on my thigh. I slowly dragged my right feet and the pain shot up making me blind, I had no choice, I removed my tee and tied it around the thigh to stop the blood flow, this should help for now. I crawled to the window, as I heard my captor snoring, and slowly climbed the grill and jumped!


to be continued…


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3 thoughts on “Shatranj – I

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