Shatranj – III

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Slowly slipping the gun in the holster I asked.

Are you sure about this?

Yes absolutely, the device is in here. This was one of Kay’s hideout.

At any cost, I told myself. We exited the van as I zipped the vest, and slowly walked towards the seemingly innocent building. As we opened the huge black gate which was guarding the house, Sam gave me the signal to get in.

You have an eye outside, I’ll go in.

Sure. And hey, be careful. He gave a peck in my cheek. I wished for more, but not now. After all this maybe.


I opened the creaky wooden door and entered into the living room. The house was dingy and dark, to the left was a table with maps scattered around. As I leaned in I saw Britain. And slowly my thoughts wavered to Buckingham. This is bigger than I thought, why would they go all the way to Britain. I shook myself off, first the device then the plan. The table had nothing of value until I get the device in hand, so I slipped into the room to the left of the entrance. The room was surprisingly empty except for an old bed with tattered sheets. Something was off here. I took support of the cot and kneeled to look under the cot.

Don’t move! Boomed a familiar voice, and I felt the chill of gunpoint on my neck.


to be continued…

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