Shatranj – IV

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Jake! What happened? Why the gun?  I slowly turned raising my hands.

Why did you do that? He loved you like your own daughter!

What are you talking about Jake? Please relax and put the gun down.

You know perfectly well what I’m talking about. Why did you do it?

I had to Jake, for all of us. For the country. He was putting us in danger. I had to do it. It shattered me, but I had to.

No! You didn’t feel a thing. You are the danger. He told me everything. He told you will try to fight against it. But he never expected you to be a traitor. He shouted.

Put the gun down Jake, let’s have a talk. A civilized conversation. I said as I slowly moved towards the window.

Civilized? I understood your civilized behavior when I saw you drive a knife through his skull. Kay was our lead, he was like a father. How can you kill him?

I had to. It was tough, but I had to. Let’s not jump into conclusions. Hear me out. I slowly felt the breeze. I wondered where Sam was.

I came here for revenge. I came here for kay. Not to listen to your cooked up crap. He said clutching the gun tighter.

There is no other way out. I didn’t want to lose more people but I have to. I twisted my hand towards the shelf and picked the gun, swirled it towards Jake and clicked.

I saw his eyes freeze and he slowly slid towards the floor.

Sorry Jake! The country comes first, then friends. I shall pray for your family.

Jake? Yelled Sam. What happened to him? He screamed.

I have some damage control to do.

to be continued…

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