After all this! – Harry Potter Fan Fiction



It was difficult. His wand didn’t respond, there wasn’t a single thread of silver vapour. He tried and tried, the more he tried the more difficult it became. But he has to do it, he has to get over with this. Once more, he has to keep trying…

Expecto P-Pat…

Everything went black. “George… George…” called a very familiar voice. He could hear it, but there were louder voices. He was pretty sure that the louder voices didn’t come from outside. There were images flashing, but they were very realistic. As if it is real inside and the outer world was an imagination. He was living it, it was more than mere imagination.

He should stop this. Should he? He didn’t know. He didn’t want to get up. Maybe he was less sad here. He is in the world which he had lost, which he dearly loved. The war had destroyed him. Sucked half his life, the better half, and left him without a single ounce of happiness. He has forgotten how to laugh. Dung bombs, Nose biting teacups, U-No-Poo are not funny anymore. His mom will now always know which one of the twin he is. His mind raced, he remembered, there was a green flash, which made his whole life blank, and his mind had stopped. He was angry, very angry. Why didn’t the spell get him, why only his brother?

Maybe all of this was a dream. May be Fred is alive. Is he? This thought made him shiver. It has been sixty years, how can it be? Then something strange happened. He felt a sudden warmth, as if there was summer after a long winter. He saw a silver hyena moving towards him. There was happiness filling inside him, a feeling which was long lost. There was a smile in his face. How can it be? He didn’t smile. Is this real? Deep down he wanted it to be real. He was confused. Was this from his wand? He had lost the ability to cast patronuses soon after the grave incident. It can’t be his, his was a coyote not a hyena. It must be Fred. He believed from his heart, however improbable it is, he believed.

“Hey, wait”, he shouted as he saw the silver thing move away from him. It didn’t hear him. He must follow it, he must. He got up on his legs, feeling strangely light. He started walking. He wondered as he looked around, where is he? The place was very similar to the dark forest. How did he travel so fast from Diagon Alley to the dark forest? May be the hyena was a portkey. Can patronus be changed to a portkey? Fred would have, he was always brilliant in doing magic which others can’t imagine.

He walked and walked. The more he walked the more hopeful he got. The place was very dark, the only thing visible was the hyena, which glowed enough to show him the path. After many minutes, the hyena came to a halt. Should he touch it? Did this mean something? He looked around, there was darkness everywhere. The silvery thing slowly started fading.

“Hey George”. The voice made him stumble to the ground. There were tears, he didn’t know whether he should be happy or sad.

He turned and saw. He always wanted this. He has been longing for this for many years. But the sight made him scared, happy and sad at the same time. Was this his reflection? But he didn’t utter a word, but he was sure that he heard it.


“Didn’t expect me, did you?”

“You are alive?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know. I want you to be.”

“Ha Ha. You still didn’t change George. Of course I’m not.”

“Then how can you be here? How can I hear you? If I can, why now? Why not earlier?”

“Everything has its own time Georgy. What say Lupin?”

He hadn’t noticed. He looked around. Lupin, Tonks, Mad Eye Moody, Sirius, Dumbledore, Snape. Everyone was there. Everyone he loved and lost. Their faces were glowing with happiness. He had questions, so many, but he couldn’t utter a word.

He didn’t know what to say, but he knew what to do. He got up, with difficulty, and walked towards Fred. He looked around, for one last time, and saw everyone smiling. He took Fred’s hand which was extended to him. He knew he was going to a place where he would be with his dear brother. His heart felt light. He was happy, and he could smile on his own. He could finally breathe freely. The air felt so refreshing. As the trees faded, silence filled the place.