Like a scarlet leaf caught on the east wind
I loitered aimlessly, wherever the life took me
Before I could touch the ground, you came
Came in like a hurricane and blew me away
Away with you, to the skies,
Skies, where I thought I didn’t belong

My illusion faded to reality
As I stood holding your hands
I got lost in your eyes,
drowned in your gaze
Just to find myself.

On this special day, I confess
I confess that I am yours, every bit of me
And I promise, you will be mine
As long as you want

Hold my hands and walk with me
Towards eternity,
Let the void swallow us
Let us drown to the place we want to be
Let us drown in tomorrow

The Delusion

I slowly raised my hands
The grim monitor came to life
Trying to reach the far away sky
I reluctantly pressed the keys
The hopping rabbits played with the dew
When I reluctantly switched between apps
As the cold zephyr brushed my face
I flipped through documents
I took the flute in my hands
Opened its cap and started to write
Birds chirping to my tunes
I corrected and re-corrected my writings
I wanted to fly too
Sitting in my office chair

Cog Wheels

From east it rises and west it sets
Day after day, night after night
As the cog wheels rotate
Day and night, not an inch change
When there are million colors
Why stick to two?

For miracles you wait
Staring at the sky
Which never seems to arrive
But you have forgot my friend
Miracles are created by us

Rise up, for now is the time
Break the chains, with all your might
To the horizon we travel
To find tomorrow


There is something inside all of us,

which tells us , it’s not all right

sometimes we wish it to be false

we convince ourselves otherwise.

Sometimes we take a leap of faith

A leap which could shatter us if we fall

but we convince ourselves

that we can fly

higher than ever

And sometimes we are wrong

all our wishes shattered

crippling us, suppressing us

At these times all we need

is trust

trust in us

For which I don’t have the courage

or the strength in my heart.


A distant cry
I turned around
Looked everywhere
Emptiness surrounded
I searched, desperately

Slowly the emptiness filled
Slowly dragging me within itself
So deep I travelled, when
I found the source of cry
It was within me, It was me

What’s in this blog?

sometime it flows
sometime it is stuck
sometime it is easy
sometime it is hard
thoughts are hard to follow
even harder to put to words
is it good or is it bad?
I don’t know and I don’t care
but it is there, straight from heart
everything in this post
everything in this page



its dusk
we know when
the bees buzz back to hives,
the breeze becomes cold,
the chaotic world pauses,
blushing red sun hides
behind the horizon.

Pic credits: @nehakataria257


is it him?
no, its not
but what if its him?
it can’t be
he is careful
very, always
should I see?
probably I shouldn’t
because its not him
ten yards felt like
a million miles
I slowly opened the cloth
to reveal the face.
my heart stopped.