Like a scarlet leaf caught on the east wind
I loitered aimlessly, wherever the life took me
Before I could touch the ground, you came
Came in like a hurricane and blew me away
Away with you, to the skies,
Skies, where I thought I didn’t belong

My illusion faded to reality
As I stood holding your hands
I got lost in your eyes,
drowned in your gaze
Just to find myself.

On this special day, I confess
I confess that I am yours, every bit of me
And I promise, you will be mine
As long as you want

Hold my hands and walk with me
Towards eternity,
Let the void swallow us
Let us drown to the place we want to be
Let us drown in tomorrow



The air stopped twisting around him

And the lonely house appeared suddenly

The eerie silence pricked his heart

The flickering light scared him more

He slowly touched the broken handle

And pushed the door open


His eyes finally fixed upon her

His heart crushed, head swirling

Looking at her lifeless

“This can’t be it, this isn’t true”

He didn’t have the courage

to look at her

He took her by his lap

He couldn’t lament

He was the reason, for everything

As the memories flashed

He hugged her tightly


Beside her lay her son

Petrified, with no idea

No idea he won’t see his parents

He slowly crawled towards him

And mumbled,

“You are mine Harry,

You have me.

I’ll give you the love,

which I couldn’t give Lily.”


As the tears rolled, he looked at her

“I’ll put my life before you

And protect you come what may”

He affirmed, as he kissed her for the last time


RIP #AlanRickman

Written on the memory of Alan Rickman, on the day he left us


There is something inside all of us,

which tells us , it’s not all right

sometimes we wish it to be false

we convince ourselves otherwise.

Sometimes we take a leap of faith

A leap which could shatter us if we fall

but we convince ourselves

that we can fly

higher than ever

And sometimes we are wrong

all our wishes shattered

crippling us, suppressing us

At these times all we need

is trust

trust in us

For which I don’t have the courage

or the strength in my heart.

The Banyan Tree – I


I stopped balancing with my walking stick
panting, I touched the banyan tree,
the very tree where I met her
my mind raced, back when it happened
the church bell rang, everyone rushed
out of the classroom, it was chaotic
I ran towards the woods, as always
I love the woods, the trees, the birds
they are closest to whom i can call friends
I daily play under the banyan tree
as I took the ‘Z’ bend, I saw something
something so beautiful, more beautiful than the woods
I stopped with a jerk. she slowly turned back
her eyes, so deep so bright! it lured me
she gave a mild smile, extended her hand
‘Hi, I’m Anna” she said
say something, I told my self, nothing!
my mouth froze. time stopped right there
“I- I’m M- Mike” I stammered.
She replied with a smile and started climbing the tree
“Do you want to join me?” she asked.
my whole life changed since then.

(To be continued…)

Writing101 Day IV

The Tramp

I wandered like a tramp,
going to places where we have been,
from the bridge where we first kissed,
to the church where we first met,
I loved her, more than myself,
I loved her when she lost her hair,
when she got black spots,
but she wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t hang on
selfish as she was, took every single
ounce of my life with her,
leaving only her memories behind,
painful, yes, but beautiful.

The Horizon


The east wind lifted her hair mildly,
she turned towards me,
As she flicked it back into its place.
She gave a cute smile,
The one responsible of all this.

We walked holding our hands.
Nothing mattered except the present,
Not a single memory of the past,
Not a single thought about the future.
She had me and I had her.

As the steps progressed,
The outside world started to blur,
She looked me in the eye,
And kissed me softly.
We walked towards the horizon,
As we started a new story,
The story of love, The story of us.

I don’t want to be


Something was wrong,
I didn’t know what,
I haven’t felt this bad for so long.

My heart longed for a reason,
Just one, just one would be fine,
I thought and thought and I got none.

Everything around me looked gloomy,
even the moon looked so angry,
Am I a betrayer, I really don’t want to be.

The Dusk

She dawned on me like a morning sun,
Her brightness making me blind,
I never knew the dusk was near,
Silently she vanished making my life dark.
Waiting for the dawn I fell asleep,
Will she ever rise again??
Was a question in my dream.