The Big Bang Cycle

Twinkling stars, chirping birds, the full moon, and the morning sun. We have so many beautiful things out there. When we look around us, we see elements of extreme creativity. How were these created? Few people try to answer this by physics, but few people believe that this should be answered by metaphysics or religion. There are many versions of the story of how our universe was created. People from different places believe in different stories. I’m here to put forward my theory. This theory is not completely new, it’s just a combination of few religious beliefs and few scientific explanations to back them up.

 Big Bang Theory

Scientifically, the most accepted theory which explains the creation of our universe is – ‘The Big Bang Theory’. The Big Bang Theory says that our universe was once a single point – known as singularity. True! All the matter (or energy) was compressed into an infinitesimally small and infinitely dense point, which exploded, popularly known as the ‘Big Bang’, to create the universe we are presently in. This particular firework happened approximately 13.8 billion years ago. Since then the universe is continuously expanding at an exponential rate. Once the universe starts expanding, it keeps expanding as only force that can stop it, Gravity, becomes weaker and weaker (which is the cause of the exponential increase in the expansion rate) as things go farther. To know more about Big Bang Theory, please visit the links given in references.


Now comes the most interesting question. What happened before Big Bang? Well, according to few physicist, the singularity was so unbelievably dense that all the physical laws failed. So any event which happened before the ‘Big Bang’ had no effect on the ‘Big Bang’ and the future. Therefore physicists assume that ‘Time’ as a quantity didn’t exist before Big Bang. Well, even though this may seem like a good explanation, if you think harder then it becomes difficult to accept it. So I’m here to talk about what happened before Big Bang and the beginning of ‘Time’.

The celestial motion, the climate, the ice age etc. every event happening around us is cyclic. So why can’t the Big Bang be cyclic? I know it’s kind of difficult to accept and insane to hear, but wait till I put forward few scientific explanations to support my argument.

If I need to prove that time is cyclic, then I need to prove that there will be Big Bang again. For Big Bang to occur again, we need singularity again. But according to the Big Bang theory, the universe is ever expanding. If the universe is ever expanding, then how will atoms come closer to form singularity again?


In physics, there is something called a ‘Higgs Field’.  Higgs field is responsible for the matter to have mass. The more a particle interacts with Higgs field, the more mass it gains. Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on 4 July 2012 verified the existence of Higgs Bosons, which are excitations in Higgs field. But there is something far more interesting than this. By studying the Higgs field, theoretical physicist have discovered mathematically that the Higgs field doesn’t necessarily exist only in the form which we see today. Just like matter can exist in liquid and solid, Higgs field can exist in two states. Beside the normal Higgs state, there is a possibility of an Ultra Dense Higgs state in which the field is millions and millions of times denser than the normal state. The mere existence of another state possesses a threat.

According to laws of quantum mechanics, it is possible to have transitions even in the presence of an energy barrier separating the two states – known as quantum tunnelling. So because of quantum tunnelling, a bubble of this ultra-dense Higgs state can appear in a certain place in the universe at a certain point of time, and it will expand to cover up the entire universe. This will instantly increase the mass by millions and millions of time. With sudden increase in mass, the gravity will kick in, and will start pulling all the matter inside. This will stop the expansion and finally make all the matter in the whole universe collapse into singularity again.

The fate of Higgs field in our universe is determined by the Higgs boson mass which is 126 GeV as determined by LHC. When theoretical physicists tried to calculate the probability of quantum tunnelling of the Higgs state to ultra-dense state, they found a very intriguing result. Their calculation showed that the Higgs Boson mass has just the right value to keep the universe hanging in an unstable situation (a knife edge). So the present Higgs state which lasted so far will eventually collapse.

This will lead to sudden increase in the mass, which in turn lead to sudden increase in gravitational force. Therefore the matter will start to collapse into itself finally forming singularity. We can clearly see that there is a possibility that Big Bang is actually a cycle, which follows the Hindu philosophy.

But don’t worry, the probability to of this event occurring is very low, and there many highly probable ways our earth could be wiped out before such event can occur.

P.S.: This is just a theory, and has no mathematical base or experimental base to back it up. Any comments and discussion in a civilized way is welcome.

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