The lost letter

I am a flower,
not the one on the garland
on the temple idol
but the one which is
used and thrown
for them I am a mere
object of fragrance
they touch me, smell me
use me and throw it away
to be stamped by random strangers
I wanted to live
but they don’t care
I searched for a meaning
I searched for courage
there is only one decision
that I can make.
I Quit.



Writing101 Day V


is it him?
no, its not
but what if its him?
it can’t be
he is careful
very, always
should I see?
probably I shouldn’t
because its not him
ten yards felt like
a million miles
I slowly opened the cloth
to reveal the face.
my heart stopped.



I owe…

Three? I can’t. Its not justice.
My guide, my ever lasting friend.
Always with me during dusk and
Of course during dawn.
Not a day passes without it.

Its a drive for my writings,
It pulls me back up when I’m down
Taught me how to bounce back.
Every single tone merges
with my heartbeat.
Takes me places where I belong
Places where I am me, far from where I fear.

The tap in the feet is the way I thank.
A nod in my head, and a smile in my face
The little dance movements, and mild laughter
I owe my life to it, I owe it all.

Writing101 Day III

(Three most important songs in my life)



moonlight painted pattern on the path
not a soul awake. no cough, no chirp
the wavy water reflected twinkling sky
nobody knew its presence, none!
clean and sacred, silently existing.
busy feet give no time for the eyes
oh! the contrast, so abnormal in a
perfectly normal life, isn’t it?

there I was silently gazing nothingness
it filled me, drowned me, took me away
from the world I belonged to reality
where I felt every single heartbeat
felt alive, more than ever.

Writing101 : Day 1

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Escape Route

I stood far from the place I feared
memories rushed as my eyes closed
This is it, no turning back
I took a deep breath and slipped
the gushing wind washed away my fears
I stretched my wings and flapped it hard
pushing the air below me, I soared
the higher I went, the lighter I felt
as world diminished under me
the warmth of sun touching my heart
I slowly faded into the blue sky