The Tramp

I wandered like a tramp,
going to places where we have been,
from the bridge where we first kissed,
to the church where we first met,
I loved her, more than myself,
I loved her when she lost her hair,
when she got black spots,
but she wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t hang on
selfish as she was, took every single
ounce of my life with her,
leaving only her memories behind,
painful, yes, but beautiful.

I don’t want to be


Something was wrong,
I didn’t know what,
I haven’t felt this bad for so long.

My heart longed for a reason,
Just one, just one would be fine,
I thought and thought and I got none.

Everything around me looked gloomy,
even the moon looked so angry,
Am I a betrayer, I really don’t want to be.


Birds chirping on the single odd banyan tree in the bamboo forest,

The black clouds coming to life,

The dripping rain drops making the perfect rhythm,

The eastern wind adding to the tune,

Making the forest God’s own place.

As the sun rays kiss the river,

Painting crimson patterns on the water,

The dusk so gorgeous,

Makes the river smile and tingle.

As I dissolved at this sight, I wondered,

Nature is the ultimate creator,

Where am I in this creation?

Does every single breath of mine has a purpose?

I wish I knew…