The lost letter

I am a flower,
not the one on the garland
on the temple idol
but the one which is
used and thrown
for them I am a mere
object of fragrance
they touch me, smell me
use me and throw it away
to be stamped by random strangers
I wanted to live
but they don’t care
I searched for a meaning
I searched for courage
there is only one decision
that I can make.
I Quit.



Writing101 Day V


is it him?
no, its not
but what if its him?
it can’t be
he is careful
very, always
should I see?
probably I shouldn’t
because its not him
ten yards felt like
a million miles
I slowly opened the cloth
to reveal the face.
my heart stopped.



The Banyan Tree – I


I stopped balancing with my walking stick
panting, I touched the banyan tree,
the very tree where I met her
my mind raced, back when it happened
the church bell rang, everyone rushed
out of the classroom, it was chaotic
I ran towards the woods, as always
I love the woods, the trees, the birds
they are closest to whom i can call friends
I daily play under the banyan tree
as I took the ‘Z’ bend, I saw something
something so beautiful, more beautiful than the woods
I stopped with a jerk. she slowly turned back
her eyes, so deep so bright! it lured me
she gave a mild smile, extended her hand
‘Hi, I’m Anna” she said
say something, I told my self, nothing!
my mouth froze. time stopped right there
“I- I’m M- Mike” I stammered.
She replied with a smile and started climbing the tree
“Do you want to join me?” she asked.
my whole life changed since then.

(To be continued…)

Writing101 Day IV

I owe…

Three? I can’t. Its not justice.
My guide, my ever lasting friend.
Always with me during dusk and
Of course during dawn.
Not a day passes without it.

Its a drive for my writings,
It pulls me back up when I’m down
Taught me how to bounce back.
Every single tone merges
with my heartbeat.
Takes me places where I belong
Places where I am me, far from where I fear.

The tap in the feet is the way I thank.
A nod in my head, and a smile in my face
The little dance movements, and mild laughter
I owe my life to it, I owe it all.

Writing101 Day III

(Three most important songs in my life)

Back in time!

I got down from the rickety bus, taking the cold fresh air in. I slowly walked down the path which leads to the castle. The view, very similar, nostalgic. The same snow filled peaks all around, the same orchid plantation on the sides of the path. The castle stood on the cliffs of The Himalayas. Even though its old, it is new as ever. The ghosts of my past dancing and playing around me. Its been years, but still I feel like I belong here.

I reach the huge wooden door carved with flowers and circular patterns. I reluctantly knocked the door. I haven’t been here since ten years, I have never seen this place without my grandpa. Now its gonna be weird without him. Rose, the maid, opened the door with a big smile, the same smile she had ten years ago. She hasn’t changed at all, except for the gray hairs and few wrinkles on her face. But she was still the same beautiful lady with whom I grew up.

I entered the hallway as big as a football ground, with ceiling rising to the skies. On the left was the fireplace above which hung a huge photo of our great grandfather holding a gun. Beside the fireplace was the grand piano which my grandpa and I loved to play after dinner. On the center above the marble floor was four couches places around the apothecary table which contains the vase which the Britishers gifted my grandfather. On the left was the statue of a lady in a dance pose smiling at people sitting on the couch. The ceiling is dome shaped with colored glasses to allow limited sunshine inside the hallway. All the pillars around the castle was carved into beautiful symmetrical patterns.

“Sit down, Chintu! I’ll get it.” Said Rose pointing at the couch.

This is the exact same hallway where I first learned to walk. Where I first learn to play piano. Memories rushed in as I looked around. Every single part of this castle had a memory associated with me. This was my sanctum sancstool  till my primary schooling. My grandpa and I were separated when my dad got transferred to Mumbai. Since then life has been so busy, I rarely visited this place.

I slowly moved to the piano, and blew off the dust. Time had stopped in this place. It was exactly the way I left, except for my grandpa. I sat on the stool. As I kept my fingers on the keys, I choked. Guilt rushing in. It was my mistake for not being with him. With tears trickling, I started pressing few keys. Each tone pricking my heart. I slowly increased the pace, the random keys joined to let out the melody ‘Fur Elise’, the first song my grandpa thought me.

I jerked and stopped playing as a hand touched my shoulder. “Are you OK?” Asked Rose. “I’m fine” I said wiping my tears. “He loves you no matter what”. ” That’s what makes me worse, his love was unconditional ”
“Now now, come on, drink this tea” She said giving me the cup and saucer. On the table was an urn, for which I came, this long.

“Your bus is by tonight, isn’t it?” She asked.

“Not anymore, not for sometime” I said.

“I knew this would happen, I have your room ready darling.” She said with a big smile and gently kissing my forehead.

Writing101 Day II



moonlight painted pattern on the path
not a soul awake. no cough, no chirp
the wavy water reflected twinkling sky
nobody knew its presence, none!
clean and sacred, silently existing.
busy feet give no time for the eyes
oh! the contrast, so abnormal in a
perfectly normal life, isn’t it?

there I was silently gazing nothingness
it filled me, drowned me, took me away
from the world I belonged to reality
where I felt every single heartbeat
felt alive, more than ever.

Writing101 : Day 1

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