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As I slowly dragged myself near the boat, I continued pressing all the buttons on the radio hoping for anything other than static. I cut the familiar two wires and started connecting them. And in after a few futile attempts, the motor roared to life. Without a blink I started, away from the shore opposite to the moon. As I shifted my bleeding thigh, I heard a voice. I picked the radio. Sam! Sam! Oh thank god, can you hear me. I heard a distorted yes from the other side. Sam, 10 miles north east of location alpha in fifteen, I said finally breathing. As the radio sound slowly vanished into the eerie silence of the sea, thoughts started flashing. Still unable to believe my escape. Slowly the land started to appear, and the sight of the familiar green jeep made me feel alive and safe. I skipped with one leg, as Sam came rushing and hugged me. Sam! We don’t have time, we need to tell Kay. We need to tell him right now.


Hey! Hey! I’m Glad you are alive. Also, Kay is dead. Took a knife through his skull.


My heart stopped.


to be continued…


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Shatranj – I

As the blurry vision cleared, the bright circles focused to a distant light source. The throbbing head took some time to realize the events which led to this. The rope crushed the wrists, turning it red. I have few hours before the sun wakes up the building, I slowly shifted my hip to make my knees reach the floor. The spine had to bend in half to cut the rope through the metal edge of the legs of the chair. The pain seemed insignificant compared to the wounds on my thigh. I slowly dragged my right feet and the pain shot up making me blind, I had no choice, I removed my tee and tied it around the thigh to stop the blood flow, this should help for now. I crawled to the window, as I heard my captor snoring, and slowly climbed the grill and jumped!


to be continued…


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The air stopped twisting around him

And the lonely house appeared suddenly

The eerie silence pricked his heart

The flickering light scared him more

He slowly touched the broken handle

And pushed the door open


His eyes finally fixed upon her

His heart crushed, head swirling

Looking at her lifeless

“This can’t be it, this isn’t true”

He didn’t have the courage

to look at her

He took her by his lap

He couldn’t lament

He was the reason, for everything

As the memories flashed

He hugged her tightly


Beside her lay her son

Petrified, with no idea

No idea he won’t see his parents

He slowly crawled towards him

And mumbled,

“You are mine Harry,

You have me.

I’ll give you the love,

which I couldn’t give Lily.”


As the tears rolled, he looked at her

“I’ll put my life before you

And protect you come what may”

He affirmed, as he kissed her for the last time


RIP #AlanRickman

Written on the memory of Alan Rickman, on the day he left us

The Delusion

I slowly raised my hands
The grim monitor came to life
Trying to reach the far away sky
I reluctantly pressed the keys
The hopping rabbits played with the dew
When I reluctantly switched between apps
As the cold zephyr brushed my face
I flipped through documents
I took the flute in my hands
Opened its cap and started to write
Birds chirping to my tunes
I corrected and re-corrected my writings
I wanted to fly too
Sitting in my office chair

Cog Wheels

From east it rises and west it sets
Day after day, night after night
As the cog wheels rotate
Day and night, not an inch change
When there are million colors
Why stick to two?

For miracles you wait
Staring at the sky
Which never seems to arrive
But you have forgot my friend
Miracles are created by us

Rise up, for now is the time
Break the chains, with all your might
To the horizon we travel
To find tomorrow

The End?

The gentle breeze drifted

through the streets

I slowly took her hand

brought it to my chest

I saw her pink lips curve to a smile

The light was bright

sudden and blinding

I was thrown,

as the heat punctured my lungs

Our hands parted,

like an evil force dragging us apart

My head throbbed as I fell,

my legs hurt

I pushed my hand

as hard as I can to get up

I saw her, meters away,

with bleeding head

My legs failed, so did my ears.

I shouted

Shouted her name

She stretched her arms towards me,

I stretched mine, to reach her,

so far away

She smiled

I smiled

Her eyes slowly closed

So did mine




There is something inside all of us,

which tells us , it’s not all right

sometimes we wish it to be false

we convince ourselves otherwise.

Sometimes we take a leap of faith

A leap which could shatter us if we fall

but we convince ourselves

that we can fly

higher than ever

And sometimes we are wrong

all our wishes shattered

crippling us, suppressing us

At these times all we need

is trust

trust in us

For which I don’t have the courage

or the strength in my heart.


A distant cry
I turned around
Looked everywhere
Emptiness surrounded
I searched, desperately

Slowly the emptiness filled
Slowly dragging me within itself
So deep I travelled, when
I found the source of cry
It was within me, It was me