Like a scarlet leaf caught on the east wind
I loitered aimlessly, wherever the life took me
Before I could touch the ground, you came
Came in like a hurricane and blew me away
Away with you, to the skies,
Skies, where I thought I didn’t belong

My illusion faded to reality
As I stood holding your hands
I got lost in your eyes,
drowned in your gaze
Just to find myself.

On this special day, I confess
I confess that I am yours, every bit of me
And I promise, you will be mine
As long as you want

Hold my hands and walk with me
Towards eternity,
Let the void swallow us
Let us drown to the place we want to be
Let us drown in tomorrow

The Little Beautiful Things!

The pollen in the flowers, midnight chai with friends, fight with girlfriend saying Batman is the best movie not Love actually, seeing a shooting star, crying alone inside washroom for a silly reason. Our life is surrounded by beautiful little things. And little do we know that these little things are the ones which makes our life memorable and beautiful. Irony is that if we see the big picture, it’s these little things that are visible. When we think back, it puts a cute little smile on our face. So, let’s start enjoying the Life’s ‘Beautiful Little Things’ !