Escape Route

I stood far from the place I feared
memories rushed as my eyes closed
This is it, no turning back
I took a deep breath and slipped
the gushing wind washed away my fears
I stretched my wings and flapped it hard
pushing the air below me, I soared
the higher I went, the lighter I felt
as world diminished under me
the warmth of sun touching my heart
I slowly faded into the blue sky

The Tramp

I wandered like a tramp,
going to places where we have been,
from the bridge where we first kissed,
to the church where we first met,
I loved her, more than myself,
I loved her when she lost her hair,
when she got black spots,
but she wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t hang on
selfish as she was, took every single
ounce of my life with her,
leaving only her memories behind,
painful, yes, but beautiful.

The Horizon


The east wind lifted her hair mildly,
she turned towards me,
As she flicked it back into its place.
She gave a cute smile,
The one responsible of all this.

We walked holding our hands.
Nothing mattered except the present,
Not a single memory of the past,
Not a single thought about the future.
She had me and I had her.

As the steps progressed,
The outside world started to blur,
She looked me in the eye,
And kissed me softly.
We walked towards the horizon,
As we started a new story,
The story of love, The story of us.

I don’t want to be


Something was wrong,
I didn’t know what,
I haven’t felt this bad for so long.

My heart longed for a reason,
Just one, just one would be fine,
I thought and thought and I got none.

Everything around me looked gloomy,
even the moon looked so angry,
Am I a betrayer, I really don’t want to be.